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Below is a comparison table for Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans. The Quotes below are effective January 2006 for a Male age 25 in Zip Code 90210. Health Insurance rates change often and are subject to change without notice. Use the zip code box at the right for current rates.
Blue Cross Plan Deductible Out of Pocket Office Hospital Premium
Blue Cross Select HMO $0 $3,000 $25 $250 x 4 $139
Blue Cross PPO $3500 Single (HSA) $3,500 $5,000 $0 $0 after ded. $49
Blue Cross PPO Share 5000 $5,000(x2) $7,500(x2) 30% 30% $46
Blue Cross Basic PPO $2500 $2,500(x2) $5,000(x2) $0 20% $40
Blue Cross PPO $3500 $3,500(x2) Deductible $0 $0 after ded. $50
Blue Cross RightPlan 40, Generic Rx $09 $7,500 $40 40% + $400/day $55
Blue Cross PPO Saver $500(x2) $5,000(x2) $30 20% $73

Please note: Prices quoted above are for a 25 year old Male in zip 90210. Get your own quote here.

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About Blue Cross of California
Blue Cross of California has been serving the health care needs of Californians since 1937. Blue Cross of California, together with its branded affiliates, provides health care services to more than 6.8 million members.
Offering a full continuum of product and coverage options, Blue Cross provides customers with unparalleled choice and flexibility in meeting their health plan needs. These options are continually fine-tuned to enhance access to affordable, quality health care. The Company, with its strong track record for innovation, focuses on progressive products and services designed to improve the health status of all Californians. Unique product offerings available in the individual, small group, large group, senior and Medi-Cal markets include a full range of integrated medical and specialty products.
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