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Though it is essential that Californians have health insurance, it is equally or more vital that they understand their policies so they may fully utilize the coverage to which they are entitled.
All California residents should be aware by now of how important it is to have health insurance. But once you have obtained the right coverage for you and your loved ones, how do you make the most of it? Below are some suggestions on how to get the best value for your healthcare dollar.
First, no matter what type of plan you are a part of, make sure to have a doctor you can trust, and one with whom you feel comfortable interacting. Your insurance company’s website can be a great resource for selecting a provider who is right for you. For example, choosing the right obstetrician is a big part of having a happy, healthy pregnancy. Find out as much as you can about the doctor – how long have they been in practice? What is their attitude about pain relief during labor? Will they, personally, be there for your entire pregnancy, labor and delivery, or are there others doctors with whom they “share” patients?
Once you are comfortable with your choice of a provider, take a moment to ask yourself what you expect from the visit. Make a list of symptoms and concerns you want to address. Ask the doctor if he or she recommends any tests for people of your age, background and/or health history. Many insurance plans cover routine tests such as cholesterol checks.
Take advantage of your health insurance provider’s website to research any health issues that are impacting your life. You can often find online support groups, heart healthy diet tips, and treatment options. Using all the resources your health insurance offers will make you a better informed, and thriftier, healthcare consumer.
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